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Exploringcareersinaging By most accounts careers in aging are going to be among the next big things in the 21st Century workplace. Exponential growth is expected in all service-providing industries and almost limitless opportunity exists for the development and delivery of new products and services.

The purpose of this website is to provide relevant and varied resources to facilitate the exploration process for those interested in a career in aging. It is a completely non-commercial enterprise, and with the exception of specific job titles relating to private sector employment in the field of aging, it is our practice not to include for-profit listings. As of June 2014 the site will no longer be actively updated. Please feel free to contact me if you have interest in personal coaching or would like to learn more about the workbook.

The Exploring Careers in Aging workbook presents a unique career management model and was created as a resource tool to help first time job seekers, career changers, students of gerontology and social entrepreneurs take charge of their work life and to find their niche in the field. Replete with activities and articles it guides them to figure out what they want to do (self assessment) and then find a way to do it as a job (market research and networking). See 101+ Careers in Aging for a sample listing of job options.

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 "While conducting research for internship ideas and opportunities in the field of Gerontology, The Exploring Careers in Aging book was a very useful tool for me. I hope more universities will consider the possibilities of incorporating this learning tool into their internship programs, for both site and distance learning students."

Candace Brown, MA in Gerontology
University of Southern California

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