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Articles, Journals and Newsletters

Aging Quiz
Linda M. Woolf, Ph.D.

At The Mercy of Strangers Respecting Elders, Becoming Elders
Wendy Lustbader

Being Heard At Lifes End
Jane Gross May 2008 New York Times

Conscious Aging:A New Level of Growth in Later Life
H.R. Moody

Continuance Magazine
Intergenerational Initiative - Southern Illinois University

Generations United a wealth of content on intergenerational programs and strategies 

Rumi's Poetry of Aging
Aging Today 2006
H. R. Moody

The Positive Aging Newsletter
Resources that contribute to an appreciation of the aging process—from scientific research on aging, gerontology practices, and daily life.

The Role of Community Colleges in an Aging Society
AARP White Paper September 2007

The Science of Aging Gracefully
December 2005
Public Agenda for Alliance for Aging Research/American Federation for Aging Research

The Wisdom Page
A compilation of wisdom-related resources.

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