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Table of Contents

Ecg_workbook Section One: Exploring Interests

The basis for any successful job search is the challenging task of in depth self-assessment. Figuring out who you are “in this moment,” and taking a critical look at values, interests and preferred skills maximize chances of finding your next perfect work.

The exercises in this section are intended to lead students from the big picture of their interest in working with older adults to the opportunity of looking at 101+ actual job titles in the field.

Section Two:  Assessment & Research

In this section students will continue the assessment process, identify preferred options and begin to prioritize their key areas of interest for working with older adults.

In addition to identifying unique workplace preferences, students will also be guided to begin exploration of possibilities of self employment, and in the non-profit sector. As well, they will begin to conduct the market research that will provide career detail and employment outlook specific to the initial job categories they have identified.

Section Three:  Planning & Development

In this section students will begin to identify key job search partners-those they know, and those whom they are about to meet. They will learn how to conduct informational interviews, and are encouraged to practice by contacting those who are currently working in the fields of aging that most interests them.

Students will also become familiar with the value of adding mentors to their career development network, and will determine preliminary goals and detail explicit planning steps for their achievement.

Section Four:  Interview Process

Competitive job seekers energize their job search by personalizing their introductions and presentations to prospective employers. In this section students will become familiar with options for creating dynamic paperwork and learn about effective communications techniques before, during and after the interview.

Also in this section, students will learn about employment portfolios and how they can positively contribute to a job seeker’s competitive advantage.

Section Five:  Resources & Select Readings

In this section students will find resources for additional information about the field of aging, as well those targeted to help them with their market research relative to careers in the field. They will also find a variety of relevant articles to stimulate and challenge their thinking.

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