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Workbook Overview

Ecg_workbookExploring Careers in Aging offers a three part career management strategy that can be easily implemented by anyone interested in exploring or building a career that involves working with older adults. The workbook's self-directed activities are designed to help those interested in working with older adults find their niche.

  1. Comprehensive Self Assessment is the foundation of productive career planning. The activities in the workbook are designed to help students determine personal preferences,  learn how to investigate employment potential and how to conduct market research about actual career options.

  2. Through Intentional Internships and Focused Volunteering  students gain first hand experience about preferred career paths. By setting up intentional internships (to satisfy cooperative education or service learning requirements) or engaging in selective volunteer opportunities they have the opportunity to test drive jobs that most interest them as well as begin to develop a professional network in the field.

  3. A Targeted Job Search allows students to identify and use  pertinent tools appropriate to practical job search applications and to successfully zero in on their specific employment goals.

Exploring Careers in Aging is full of activities, articles, tips and resources focused specifically on the exploration and development of careers in the field.

To learn more about the workbook see the Table of Contents.

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