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David Rozell: Professional Life Coaching

The popular media is full of references to professional coaching and thousands of individuals are adding coaching to their skills to enhance their careers or to be of more service to their community. With a rapidly aging population many are specifically drawn to the opportunity to help older adults make good choices for the “What’s Next?” part of their lives.

A professional coach is first and foremost a student of human development. They inspire individuals, couples and groups to create results in life or the work environment that goes beyond what they thought was possible. A professional coaching relationship is an alliance, a true partnership formed to reach the goals and outcomes the client wishes to achieve. There are few relationships in life that provide such an unparallel level of dedicated focused support and structure.

Professional coaches are trained to listen, observe and then customize their suggestions and advice to individual client needs. They seek solutions and strategies from the client, believing that he/she is naturally creative and resourceful. A professional coach’s job is always to provide support that enhances the inherent skills, resources, and creativity the client already possesses.

Professional coaches who are properly trained, skilled and experienced bring about extraordinary and transformative outcomes for people and organizations.  Professional coaching skills can be applied to almost any life or work situation.  Coaching skills are being applied in the workplace, the corporate boardroom, in school and college classrooms, spiritual or career counseling, life purpose/direction, retirement planning, and marketing and business development to name just a few.

Coaching for “Second Halfers”:

The maturing of the baby-boomer population coupled with an unprecedented and growing life span provides opportunities not only as potential clients but also as a source of new coaches.  For coaches that take up this profession in the second half of life, their accumulated wisdom from a lifetime of experiences can be a valuable asset for their clients.  And as potential clients, people over 50 are usually more committed to making real change in their life and are therefore more likely to be successful in the coaching relationship.

Life coaching is a powerful way to find purpose and direction in the second half of life. Second Halfers often get stuck on questions related to how they want to spend their time or what they want to accomplish with the rest of their lives.

These are some of the frequently asked questions to which a professional coach can help a client in the second half of life find extraordinary answers:

• What will I do with all the time I have when I retire?
• What’s left undone in my life?
• What would I like to accomplish with the rest of my life?
• How can my relationships have more meaning and purpose?
• What am I passionate about and what do I want to do about it?
• Where can I find opportunities to continue to contribute to my family and community?

Where can I find more information?

If you are thinking about becoming a professional coach I suggest that you get professional training and perhaps a certification. There are coaching schools and programs all over the world.  These programs are as many and as diverse as the applications of coaching principles.

While there are too many to list a good place to begin your investigation is the International Coach Federation (ICF) at http://www.coachfederation.org.  There you’ll find information about ICF certified training programs. 

There are many good training programs that are not formally affiliated with ICF but adhere to the same standards of excellence. A good place to find these programs is by attending the nearest ICF professional coaches’ chapter meetings and talking to members about training opportunities and programs in your area.

David Rozell, President
2nd Half Strategies, LLC

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