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Linda Wiener: Careers in Aging - A Booming Industry

Until lately, options for working with older adults were concentrated mostly throughout the health care services continuum. While demand will remain high in these areas, the good news is that almost limitless opportunity exists for the development and delivery of new products and services to our burgeoning aging population.   Read More

Stephanie Chappell, MSG, MBA: Working as a Gerontologist in Business

Do you like variety? Creating your own role within an organization? Being unique?   Read More

Jan Abushakrah, PhD: New Face of Aging

As baby boomers transform the face of aging, the field of Gerontology is changing and attracting a new Gerontology student...  Read More

Linda Aufderhaar: A Career in Geriatric Care Management

Making a Difference in the Lives of Seniors and their Families What is a Geriatric Care Manager? A Geriatric Care Manager is a health and human services professional, such as a gerontologist, social worker, counselor, or nurse, with a specialized body of knowledge and experience related to aging and elder care issues. A Professional Geriatric...  Read More

David Rozell: Professional Life Coaching

The popular media is full of references to professional coaching and thousands of individuals are adding coaching to their skills to enhance their careers or to be of more service to their community. With a rapidly aging population many are specifically drawn to the opportunity to help older adults make good choices for the “What’s...  Read More

Neal E. Cutler, PhD: Financial Gerontology

In the late 1980s, educators in the field of retirement planning and financial services began to acknowledge that the clients of financial professionals were increasingly moving through middle age and into older age...  Read More

Pam Gross: Finding Good Work

Paradoxically, we make better-informed decisions on the things we buy—houses, cars, boats, refrigerators, computers, where we send our kids to school and what Italian restaurant to patronize—than we ever do on career decisions...  Read More

NAHB: Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist

83% of middle-aged Americans wish to live in their homes indefinitely rather than an assisted living facility. With careful remodeling, homeowners can remain in their homes throughout their maturing years, known as aging-in-place...  Read More

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