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News About Careers in Aging

Growing Old in America: Expectations vs. Reality

Pew Research Center
Getting old isn’t nearly as bad as people think it will be. Nor is it quite as good.  Read More

12 People Who Are Changing Your Retirement

Wall Street Journal
By Kelly Greene

These pioneers are shaping the way Americans will live, work and play later in life.  Read More

Aging Digitally

Oregon Business Magazine
By Mitchell Hartman

In a lab in Hillsboro, Oregon Eric Dishman is working on cutting-edge research that could make life easier and safer for the ever-growing population of frail elderly. The group of scientists he supervises at Intel includes gerontologists, anthropologists and software engineers. Their goal is to develop medical monitors and software programs to help elders "age in place."   Read More

Their Specialty? Anything Gray

New York Times
By Elizabeth Pope

The graying of America is creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to provide new services to older people. These businesses, a relatively recent phenomenon, are helping clients create their ideal retirements, manage their daily finances...  Read More

Future Shock: the Effects of the Demographic Imperative for Jobs in Aging

American Society on Aging
By Kathleen H. Wilber

Technological advances of the 20th century, including major research breakthroughs coupled with lifestyle changes, have resulted in a population of older Americans that is longer-lived, healthier, more productive and more diverse. In recent years, our newfound knowledge of normal and successful aging...   Read More

Silver Industries and the New Aging Enterprise

American Society on Aging Generations
By Harry R. Moody

Where will the innovation, and the jobs come from tomorrow? The answer, I believe, will be in the “Silver Industries” that are likely to grow in response to the dramatic population aging that will come when, in Robert Butler’s words, “the baby boomers reach Golden Pond.”...   Read More

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